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The German music blog PrettyinNoise wrote a review on our debut "Petals EP" - but it's entirely in German! So we decided to translate it for those who don't speak German.

Original article: https://www.prettyinnoise.de/phavors-petals-ep.html?v=7516fd43adaa


From school project to real band: Phavors create a wonderfully warm sound image between Indiefolk and Dreampop on their debut EP.


The New Jersey Phavors project is composed of Philip Marflak and Kayla DeRosa. The two met when DeRosa took guitar lessons from Marflak to implement a music project originally planned as a school assignment. However, he quickly recognized the potential of the collaboration and decided to turn the project into a real band. The four songs on Petals were created entirely independently: music and lyrics were written by Marflak, who also recorded and mixed them in his home studio.

The entry Petals, as the first result of the project already released in February as a single, is completely carried by the voice of DeRosa and continues as a reasonably conventional pop song, even if the arrangements seem extremely well thought out due to the many little gadgets. The artistic approach becomes clear at the latest with the wonderful feel good track Waste Time: Phavors are clearly oriented towards sound inventors such as Sigur Rós or Bon Iver and skillfully weave acoustic instruments and subtle electro players into warm, harmonious songs that always sound organic.

Especially the mostly instrumental Water Is Still should please fans of the Icelanders, when atmospheric effects and a slightly distorted guitar enter into a wonderful harmony. Finally, Home is a nice ending as a melancholic piano ballad, but it doesn't quite match the class of the two previous songs. It will be exciting to see where phavors will develop. The entry is more than promising.

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