“The folk-infused dream-pop duo, who perform under the name Phavors, display a knack for furrowing out the beauty and inherent hopefulness of their surroundings, despite what the casual passerby might write off as mundane or even staid.”


5 February, 2020 / Justin Vellucci

Phavors Media

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Our New EP!

Petals EP | Artists: Phavors


Phavors is an Art Rock/Indie Folk/Dreampop music duo from central New Jersey. Consisting of Philip Marflak and Kayla DeRosa, their passion for pretty, emotional music is heavily influenced by artists such as Sigur Ros, Jonsi & Alex, and Bon Iver, and the vocals are commonly compared to Billie Eilish’s. Phavors likes to push the boundaries of music through atmospheric textures while still incorporating the warmth of acoustic instruments.   

Their single “Petals” (found on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services) was released in February 2020 and found its way to several music blogs, such as MusicTAP.com and PoetryDansLaRue.com and was met with critical acclaim. It is the title track off of their upcoming “Petals EP” which is set to release at the end of May 2020.  

Their music and lyrics are written by Marflak. The beautiful, soothing, gentle vocals are supplied by Kayla DeRosa. The two met when Phil was teaching Kayla guitar lessons. After meeting up to record a music project for a school assignment, Phil decided to take it further and create Phavors. All recording, mixing and mastering is done in Phil’s home studios. All visual artwork is original.  

The Petals EP will be available on all music platforms on May 28th, 2020. In the meantime, check out their single and join the Phamily on their website!  

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Waste Time
Water Is Still Lyrics

So they say

Love can stain

Like flowers stain an open field

Watch them sprout

Pull them out

Death never looked so real

Pretty, though

As if they grow

But from here they never heal

Oh, I’d plant them again if I could

Petals fall

One by one

And slowly float to the ground

Just a stem

But at its end

One petal to be found

Pluck it off

So soft

No need to drop it yet

And all that’s left

A colored mess

In a field that won’t forget


Oh, I wish the wind would blow those petals away

Oh, I’ll keep just one and look at it some days


Can’t fix

Some things

Let’s waste time

All day



Let’s let go

This time

Don’t think twice

There it goes, I wish I could hold it again

Squeezing hard doesn’t help my grip; it hurts my hand

Don’t do it




Let’s Waste Time

See it

Feel it

Breathe it

Let's let go

This time

Don't think twice

There it goes, I wish I could hold it again

Squeezing hard doesn’t help my grip; it hurts my hand

Yet I try again




Let's waste time



Kills me

Let's let go




Let's waste time



We hide

Let's let go


Give up

With love

Let's waste time



Won’t feel right

Won't feel right

If you hide


Just this time

Not next time

If not, why?


We still need

This pain, too

It's all good


As it seems

As we dream

Make believe

There's no love in words

Not if you should, but would

Stuck, yet pushing through what hurts


Won't feel right

Won’t feel right

If you hide