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” 🌼 I’ve got a new artist for you to follow! Phavors, a dream pop/indie folk duo from New Jersey, is geared up to release their first single “Petals” on February 26. But wait, back up. Dream pop/indie folk??? Yup, that’s right…a dream come true in my book! It’s not always easy to reconcile synthetic, ambient sounds with authentic, acoustic instruments. But that’s what makes Phavors one to watch. ⁣

🌼 Part of a greater, highly-anticipated EP, “Petals” is the perfect song to introduce us to Phavors’ unique craft. Most of the song offers a nearly constant crescendo, which emotionally fills me with a lot of hope and happiness. But the interesting thing about “Petals” is that its lyrics hold many different emotions. Not-so-happy ones, really. The lyrics of this song personify heartbreak, regret, mistakes… The petals talked about in this song can mean different things to different people. Thanks to Kayla, the singer on this track, – her voice is so gorgeous and pure – it’s really easy to hone in on the message of this song. Each time I listen, I think about the healing that needs to take place in my life. I think about the things that I need to admit and let go of – all while I sit in this safe space that “Petals” has provided me. In fact, that is the very mission of Phavors: “to create a comforting, soothing environment that allows the listener to let go…” ⁣

🌼 I’m honestly not sure how else to tell you that this song is simply beautiful. The calming music, paired with its challenging lyrics, does something that I haven’t seen a song do in a long time. This song exposed me, yet celebrated me. It’s hard to find both in one place. ⁣

🌼 Moral of the story, Phavors has something special going on here. I’m so excited for everyone to experience this song, and I can’t wait to hear more of this EP! Visit phavorsmusic.com and follow this power duo @phavorsmusic on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Learn more about this new artist and stay updated on their exciting news!⁣”

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