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A Love Letter to Phavor’s New Single, “Petals”

Written by Lana Leonard


At the root, “Petals” insists a musical tenacity for comfort in universally shared human experiences. It is often we all stumble through life, swimming our limbs through flower fields towards lovers and those we love. Just as often, those same flower fields dry in death of a lush season and those lovers recede out of our worlds. Perhaps you hold on. Perhaps you come undone. Perhaps you never look back. Whatever you do in bouts of indubitable change, is something held in the hands of near all. And it is exactly the remembrance of that universal human experience that makes the newest release of Phavors so pure.

In the lyrics, “So they say love can stain like flowers stain an open field, watch them sprout, pull them out, death never looked so real,” lives a solace in knowing people are not alone in feeling the stains of love; the grieving of when it’s dissipating. On its own, “Petals” is a flower growing out of the bark of the vulnerability tree Phavors themselves have rooted for their fanbase.

Phavors, made up of both Kayla DeRosa and Phil Marflak, is a dream-pop duo out of Central New Jersey. Marflak writes the music, the lyrics as well as produces the music himself. The most reflective of Phavor’s influences of Bon Iver and Sigur Ros lives in “Petal’s” emotional energy stemming from the lyrical and sonic build at the midway point before it releases in finality. Engaging both the words of sound and the sounds of words (in particularly sung by DeRosa while sometimes in harmony with Marflak) evokes a rumbling that both tilt the hat at Justin Vernon and Jónsi Birgisson.


The two talents are very clear of their values and uphold them in justice to themselves and others. In the duo’s about page, they share an essay that compels their mission: “The lyrics in [Phavor’s] music wishes to lead by example: being totally honest about ourselves and our feelings, admitting things that we try to suppress, and pursuing a lifestyle that allows growth and healing to take place.”

DeRosa and Marflak grows rich from the soil of the heart while setting up an environment that runs on vulnerability and the truest ambiguity of the lives we live in. To pull feeling, trauma, and honesty from an artist that then turns it into music is what manifests the esoteric trues of art. When we are consumed in a world of distractive entertainment that says, let us numb more, let us forget, that truth can seem a rarity.

Thank you Phavors for insisting to dig deep and feel everything, to encourage feeling in order to move onwards and forwards. Your team work in developing “Petals” amid the entirety of Phavor’s heart is beautiful. With this, I look forward to the future of your music.  

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